Introducing The Soft Surface Core Trainer: Take your core workout to a new level in our, one of a kind, Soft Surface Core Trainer classes. We have re-purposed re-bounders to create new challenges for your core. If you’ve done core work in mat classes, the Soft Surface Core Trainer classes will work your core in new ways with a deeper connection while creating a more supported foundation for your low back. Take the challenge.

Did you know that your body has a built-in disease-fighting cleaning system. It’s called the lymphatic system. Using our Soft Surface Core Trainers to do gentle up-and-down exercises stimulates the lymphatic system. All you have to do to turbocharge the lymphatic system is bounce up and down gently without even leaving your feet. It’s called the Health Bounce. It is safe and effective. We use this health improving exercise at the end of each session.

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