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A New Partnership: Keto Health Fast

After 20 plus years in the fitness business BodyMind Balance is finally taking the plunge into the realm of weight loss. As with our dedication to creating strong, beautiful, healthy, injury free outer bodies by immersing ourselves in continual learning from experts and understanding the science behind our movement based programs, we wanted this for our weight loss program as well. We are highly devoted to bringing you the best quality programs  so we waited until we found the best. We are thrilled and honored to announce we are partnering with Keto Health Fast to  bring our clients the healthiest, science based and sustainable weight loss  program in use. Decades of flawed nutrition are now coming to an end and although the scientific evidence is compelling, consumer habit, policy and industry practices are just starting to reverse the unhealthy trends of the past five decades. There is a permanent and life-long sustainable answer to the struggle of weight loss.

Our new seven week program begins on September 10, 2017 #keto #ketolife #ketocoach #healthyliving #healthcoach #fitnessstudio #ketohealthfast

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