Group and Private Pilates Coaching

The no-joke-best-sculpting-training-ever. As much as we all love and appreciate a good cardio workout, taking a hike, running a marathon or biking the hilly roads of Worcester, nothing (and we mean nothing) compares to how your body is challenged with Pilates!

A plank or lunge on the floor is child's play compared to a plank or lunge on a sliding carriage! Pilates training builds beautiful functional strength and new ways of moving that will follow you out of the studio on your run, hike or bike and even into the office.

Our studio makes use of traditional, and some non-traditional, Pilates equipment while incorporating our amazing instructors’ creativity and the esteemed Stott Pilates principles to all of our classes.

The uniquely designed  BodyMind Balance workouts will give you a “wicked”  strong and seriously sculpted body with no bulk. Leaving you feeling strong, balanced, energized - not beat up.

We are serious about giving our clients the most effective, enjoyable and best workout for each individual’s body! We don't believe in 'methods' driven more by fads and branding than exercise science.  We're laser-focused on evolving our coaching, teaching skills and classes in order to get the best results for you.